How did the show get started?

Growing up in church all I heard about sex was, "no, no, no," but when I finally got married I realized there was no one to teach me the "yes, yes, yes!" No one seemed readily comfortable to give me tips on how to do things in the bedroom with godly confidence. Thus, Spiced Wife® was born! Sex belongs to God! He wants us wives to like it, own it, and know it! So on the Spiced Wife® Podcast, we talk about it ALL!!! Join us every Monday!


We Are


Spiced Wife® is an organization that brings wives together in reaching their full potential of being a holy and sexy wife.  Every Monday on the podcast we motivate and teach wives how to balance their many responsibilities without losing faith, esteem, spunk, and SPICE! What is spice? All categories of sexy! We share bedroom tips about music, sex positions, getting in the mood, self-confidence, vaginal care, clearing your mind for sex, and MUCH more! Who said being saved meant you no longer have spice?


 founder & podcast host

Ashlyn R. Watkins is a vibrant wife and mother of three, who believes the beauty of a woman is not found in her looks, but in her behavior. Growing up as a preacher's kid, she found herself faced with judgment and disappointment when she became a teenage mother. Nevertheless, she overcame the odds against her and worked hard to purchase homes and graduate from college with two degrees all before the age of 30.

She has an energetic passion for teaching the Word of God and loves to connect with her audience through open, honest, and transparent biblical truths. She is the founder and host of the Spiced Wife podcast where she teaches wives how to take man-made religious rules out of their bedrooms and seek God alone for approval in their sexiness. The show took a huge leap of faith in tackling church taboos by discussing every untouched sex topic for marriages. In less than a year the show spread to 40+ countries and the downloads grow by the thousands each month.

It is Ashlyn’s desire to help wives all over the world fully embrace an understanding that God wants them to enjoy pleasure in their marriage bedrooms. With such a big heart she does not only speak to married women but single women as well. Her book Sex Before Marriage: A Church Girl's Truths, breaks down celibacy in a way never taught in churches before and teaches women and young girls the honesty in why she did not wait for marriage, but should have. 


After many deep lessons in removing the need to be validated by people, Ashlyn walks boldly in the acceptance of Jesus. With humility and authority, she teaches women that Heaven isn’t for the perfect rule setter, but for the messed up rule-breaker who decided to embrace the perfect blood of Jesus Christ. 

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