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Theme color comes from amethyst, found in Exodus 28:19, 39:12 & Revelation 21:20

Spiced Wife® is a ministry that brings wives together in reaching their full potential of being a holy and sexy wife. It is a place where wives receive inspiration on how to balance their many responsibilities without losing faith, esteem, spunk, and SPICE! What is spice? All categories of sexy! We share bedroom tips about music, sex positions, getting in the mood, self-confidence, vaginal care, clearing our mind, and MUCH more! We are determined to change the stigma that Believers are stiff, mean, boring, and hypocrites! We aim to please God in public and in private!

God created sex as a gift to the husband and wife; so we boldly believe it is okay to learn about it, express our thoughts about, and receive advice about it.  We are no longer being controlled by the preferences of religion. We go directly to God for approval over our bedrooms, appearances, and lifestyle. We help each other to no longer feel ashamed to discuss ALL sex and faith topics at the same time.


At Spiced Wife®, we recognize that sex is not a sinful thing when experienced in the purpose God designed it for. When you make the decision to become a Spiced Wife® with us, you are joining wives all over the world who are facing the same questions, thoughts, and feelings as you are. We take a firm stand against gossip, arrogance, slander, negative criticism, and judgment. We are all about trust, laughter, kindness, and honesty. We take off the make-up and have compassion for each other. We are a community that is truly built on the love of Jesus.


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How It




Growing up in church all I heard about sex was, "no, no, no," but when I finally got married I realized there was no one to teach me the "yes, yes, yes!" No one seemed readily comfortable to give me tips on how to do things in the bedroom with godly confidence. Thus, Spiced Wife® was born! Sex belongs to God! He wants us wives to like it, own it, and know it! So on the Spiced Wife® Podcast, at the Retreat, in Members Community, and in the Mentoring Guide, we talk about it ALL!!!


What We


  • We believe in God the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

  • We believe Jesus came to earth free of sin and died on the cross for our sins so that we might be reconciled back to God.

  • We believe that Jesus rose from the grave and will return one day to take His people away from the earth.

  • We are not affiliated with any specific religious denomination, our foundation is based solely on the guidance of the Holy Spirit & Scripture.

  • We believe in keeping God first in our lives and marriages between one man and one woman.



Ashlyn R. Watkins is a vibrant wife, mother, speaker, and author, who believes the beauty of a woman is not found in her looks, but in her behavior. Growing up as a preacher's kid, she found herself faced with judgment and disappointment when she became a teenage mother. Nevertheless, she overcame the odds and now serves others in helping them do the same. 

She has an energetic passion and undeniable wisdom towards teaching the Word of God! She loves to connect with her audience through open, honest, and transparent experiences and Biblical truths. She is the founder and host of the Spiced Wife podcast where she teaches wives how to take immorality & religious legalism out of their bedrooms to seek God alone for approval in their sexiness. 

She has a Bachelor's in psychology, a Masters Certificate in Christian Counseling, and Professional Mentorship Certification, but her biggest achievement is her devotion to daily studying in the Word of God! Ashlyn helps wives all over the world to know God deeper and enjoy the bedroom better. Ashlyn does not credit success to her graduate studies, but only to the wisdom and gift of God. She walks boldly in the acceptance of Jesus and humbly serves God's people seeking to make disciples and advance the Kingdom of God one bedroom at a time! 

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