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This podcast has brought so many good tears!!! I find myself just in awe of how gracefully these hard subjects are talked about and explained. God has spoken to me so many times through Ashlyn and these amazing women that she has had in her show. I pray that this reaches women everywhere! Because let's be real, who's marriage can't use a little more spice?

-MrsT0325, iTunes


Do you have questions about sex you cannot ask in church? Spiced Wife podcast answers ALL sex questions and even provides tips for wives while keeping God at the center! We take off the mask of perfection and press towards the mark of Christ every day with class, honesty, transparency, and spice! We learn sex God's way only. Rejecting worldly immorality and religious legalism. 

This podcast is a lifesaver. Things that I thought only I was thinking, I found out its many different women around the world feeling the same way I am. This podcast has really helped my marriage!

Tipp85, iTunes

I found this podcast at the right time for me and my marriage. Ashlyn continue to let the Lord use you! Wives if you need a space where you can learn how to be spicy in your marriage but most importantly be in tune with what God says about being a wife here is the place. Even my husband appreciates this podcast *wink wink* lol.

Wife2016, iTunes

Hi! I am new to the group. I just started listening to the podcasts today. Highly recommend! Can't stop listening. I am happily married and have 2 kiddos, ages 12 and 8, that I homeschool. So happy to be here!

Mrs. Richardson, FB Grp




This self-paced guide was created with professional and Biblical tools to help you become the sexy and saved wife God wants you to be. Are you looking for help on becoming a godly, confident, and SEXY wife? Are you willing to find inner healing to better your marriage? This is the practical and powerful wife guide you have been looking for!



God met me right where I was at in life with this podcast. She teaches women/wives how to love their husband the godly way. How to handle issues within your marriage. And how to be sexy all in keeping God first. I wish I had this podcast before getting married. What a blessing it is to have it. 




Mobile App


Do you desire to be connected in a safe place with other wives who love Jesus and are seeking to know Him beyond the surface? Then you are at the right place! Here we leave the makeup at home and come fresh, real, humble, and transparent! We don't stand for trolling, competing, judging, or backbiting! We love each other, help each other, support, and pray for each other! In this community, we talk about EVERYTHING!! Sex tips, Bible study, marriage advice, home management, finances, cooking, and more! You don't want to miss connecting to true wifehood, rooted in Christ! Download the app today!


What is Spiced Wife?

Spiced Wife believes in the power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. We believe in speaking in tongues, anointing with oil, and rebuking demonic forces in Jesus' name. We teach sex God's way. We do not stand for religion, neither traditional nor modern. We move in a close relationship with God.

Sexual immorality is not supported in any way here. Sex belongs to God and we don’t compromise with lukewarm behavior in our personal life as a wife or our bedroom. We correct the woman in the mirror before criticizing our neighbor, however, we encourage each other to stay on the path of Christ through loving accountability.

We are not religious, boring, and stiff, we have holy fun freedom in Jesus Christ! We love to laugh and keep things spiced but God remains King over our agendas, opinions, and lives. We stand on the Holy Bible in all we do!

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