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I’m Ashlyn R. Watkins,
I show WIVES how to rebuild and revive their marriage & sexual confidence! 

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Hey Ladies!


Jesus has what it takes!

I have seen wives go from frustrated and almost giving up on their husband/marriage to being completely filled with joy, by making deeper inner changes. I can help YOU get there too, whether your husband participates or not... because you can't force him to change. However, your conduct can move marriage mountains!!



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Inner Circle

Join the

Are you a strong-willed wife who longs to please God in your marriage? Do you desire to be more submissive as the Bible says? Do you need help with trusting your husband's leadership because he is not as spiritually strong or driven as you are?


The Wife Revival program will walk you through profound, life changing lessons of learning how to change you so that it will win over your husband. You will learn how to honor, respect, and submit to your husband without the feeling of being a "doormat." You will grow deeper in your relationship with God and live a life of abundant joy as Jesus promised in John 16:24! Your marriage will be a place of peace instead of pain!


"Your love delights me, my treasure, my bride. Your love is better than wine, your perfume more fragrant than spices."

- Song of Solomon 4:10



 Sexual Healing Workshop

Are you struggling with trusting your husband's leadership, submitting to him, or respecting him? Are you feeling dirty, awkward, or guilty about sex with your husband because of a strict religious upbringing or because of a bad sexual past (either his or yours)? This workshop will walk you through the steps you need to take to become fulfilled both in and out of the bedroom.  This workshop will deeply empower you as a whole in your calling as a wife! Your marriage will be revived and restored!


You don't have to guess and stress over where the issues are in your marriage. You can take a 35-minute assessment and receive a 16+ page report that tells you the overall wellness of your marriage. With this assessment you are able to narrow in on areas to work on and better understand each other. You will receive many tools and insight for building a lasting love! 

Proven 94% accuracy among thousands of couples! Discover your marriage DNA and see what needs improvement and why!



"The heart of her husband safely trusts her; So he will have no lake of gain. She does him good and not evil all the days of her life"

- Proverbs 31:11-12

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Dangerous Prayers!!

I'm not playing any games with the devil this year!! Nope! My house and marriage are COVERED! I've got my oil, I have Scriptures lined up! I will be armed and dangerous!! How about you?


Let's re-spice your marriage together, one step at a time!
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