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Work with me to learn how to overcome the struggles of submission and sexuality!

Are you ready to become holy and sexy by removing the mental and spiritual stain of your past? The Marriage & Sexual Healing Workshop is the only step-by-step workshop that will show you how to build mind-blowing sexual confidence and security in Biblical submission, from the inside out! This is the ONLY program that transforms your marriage by helping YOU meet and exceed your wife goals to have the marriage of your dreams, even if your husband doesn't participate!

YOU can change everything!


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Results proven coaching program carefully designed to deliver permanent & life-changing results in your marriage and bedroom.

Are you struggling with sexual confidence, or trusting your husband's leadership, or submitting as God wants, or even just feeling fulfilled in your marriage? Are you needing a trusted place to actually get transformation and not just information?

You have found your answer!

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Does any of this sound familiar, even just one:

  • I struggle with being comfortable in the bedroom sometimes because of my or my husband's past.
  • I don't trust my husband's leadership and it's hard for me to be a submissive wife.
  • All I heard in church was that sex was bad and now I feel dirty and ashamed with my husband.
  • I struggle with balancing time needed for work/home and making time to enjoy my husband.
  • I find it hard to want sex at all. I don't feel attractive, and I don't feel up to initiating sex.
  • My communication isn't the greatest. I don't honor or respect my husband well and I know I need to do better.
  • Sex is just an overall uncomfortable subject for me and I want to be more confident.
  • I don't feel my husband is a spiritual leader. He believes in God, but I just want him to be more of a leader in our home. I would love for him to lead us in praying together or reading the Bible together, or just more active in his faith. 
  • I believe in Jesus and I know He can heal my marriage with the right guidance. I'm willing to do the work. I want my marriage to be restored and fulfilling.


The Determined Wife

There is an R&B song lyric that says "when a woman's fed up, it ain't nothing you can do about it"... The best transformation starts when you are completely fed up with the shame, guilt, and pain. When you are willing to do anything to revive your marriage both in and out of the bedroom. This program is for the wife who won't take defeat for an answer! Who won't get weary in well doing, who believes she will reap a blessed marriage if she doesn't give up! Are you fed up of the old, and ready for the new?

The Willing Wife

The best results are seen in the wife who is willing to carry her cross and follow Jesus. That means, you lay down demanding what's fair, you stop trying to prove your point, you listen more than you speak, you forgive without conditions, and you love without expectations. This requires deeper maturity, stability, and confidence that I will walk you through if you're willing to be bold and vulnerable with very private topics and discussions about sex, yourself, and marriage. Are you willing to let go of what's not working? 

The Honest Wife

Marriage struggles and sex are the biggest hidden topic among people of faith and so it's often met with silence, awkwardness, pride, and dishonesty. This program is for the wife who is ready to face what she may have been ignoring about herself and her sexuality. In order to rebuild you must be honest of what needs to be torn down. What mindset, heartset, healthset, and soulset needs to be revived? Honesty, and humility about your own history, family, decisions, weaknesses, and insecurities is a road less traveled, but with this program you can do it, are you ready?

"The husband should fulfill his wife’s sexual needs, and the wife should fulfill her husband’s needs."

- 1 Corinthians 7:3


The Impatient Wife

No one plants a seed at night and then wakes up to a tree the next morning. Durable and long-lasting things take time, consistency, and endurance. True transformation is not a quick fix, fast-food service. If you follow this program and diligently seek to do good towards yourself and your husband, you WILL have a restored marriage if you don't faint & grow weary. 

The Closed-Minded Wife

If you know it all and believe your way is the only right way, then there is nothing to help you with. If I pour tea into a cup that is already full, the tea will overflow onto the ground and be wasted. It would be foolish to continue to pour hoping the cup will somehow get bigger to hold it. In this program the tea is time. We do not want you to waste your time or money because you have not emptied yourself of the old to receive revival. You must be willing to let go of you to be refilled with the truth that will set you free.

The Unwilling Wife

Actions speak louder than words. It is impossible to help someone who does not want to help themselves. This program only works if you do. Skipping steps, rushing through change, and putting forth half effort produces nothing. Stubbornness, blaming, and/or laziness will not advance your life. This is a life-changing investment that will work if you are willing to sacrifice your time, effort, and resources. I give 100% focus to getting you from zero to hero, but I will not outwork you. YOU have to want this. Jesus was full of love and compassion, but he also was very direct and passionate with sharing the truth because He knew the greatest hurtle for people to be healed was their own ways of thinking and being. This program follows HIs lead, and it's for those who are willing to follow.

Image by Sabri Tuzcu

Unfortunately, I had sex before marriage, and I was hiding it from people in church who knew me well. Judging by my foolish behavior I thought I was hiding it from God too. I was faithfully involved in church, but religiously separated from God.


Sex did not even feel great, it was just temporarily fulfilling because it made me feel wanted. I am sure I was exposed to this sexual desire as a child when I was introduced to inappropriate movies and touching by an older male, but that did not become a revelation to me until I submitted by life to Jesus.


At that immature age I just wanted to be wanted. I had no standards set for my private life, and I was emotionally scarred from growing up in a divorced home. The enemy took advantage of it all, and Ied me to become comfortable in my hidden sexual sin. I was not sleeping around the city, but the few was enough to leave me damaged. 

My Story

Speaking at Retreat

Years later God's love and grace restored me, and I married the man purposed for me to belong to. However, due to my religious based lukewarm spirituality and sinful past, I spent the first years of my marriage trying to figure out why I was no longer comfortable and confident in sex. Not only sex, but in honoring, respecting, and submitting to my husband! I controlled everything and did not trust him to lead. I wanted all things my way and almost lost my marriage! It was so backwards to me that I was finally married as God wanted, yet I lost my desire and excitement for sex, and it wasn't flowing how a Godly marriage was supposed to. I was struggling with so much confusion, insecurity, and unfulfillment.


I had no one to talk to for help who would be raw and real with me. My church circle was super loving, but deeply full of religion, there was no real relationship, just surface. We discussed wearing skirts to our ankles but never what happened underneath them. Everyone was so polished and dignified, no one appeared to be struggling with marriage. They all seemed to have picture perfect homes...seemed to. I had no one to ask about orgasms and arousal or feeling like sex was even ok! I had no one to show me how to not be so independent and headstrong as a wife... honestly, I felt as if I was more like church property than a person. If I had issues, I had to do like everyone else... Hide them, keep serving, and don't miss a Sunday. I was stuck.


However, looking back, that turned out to be the best thing for me; it drove me away from religion and into meeting Jesus. I met church, but my struggle pushed me to finally meet Jesus! I got into a relationship with Him that was not performance anymore, it was genuine, and I got to know Him for who He says He is and not who I was told He was.


During that time, I went through many lessons, corrections, deep transformations, renewed thinking and so much healing. I left the old wine behind and have been bold and fulfilled in my relationship with Jesus ever since! So, when I meet all of you amazing wives, I completely relate to your struggles. I experienced pain, shame, and suffering too. I know how you feel when your marriage and bedroom is supposed to be a blessing but instead is a burden. I knew those feelings of lingering doom and gloom, guilt, and condemnation from the fact that you don't know how to enjoy sex or who to ask for help and tips.


I know the temptation of turning to the world for their immoral tips and unknowingly defiling your marriage because your thoughts have been tainted. I know how it feels to dispassionately go through the motions to make people "happy" while deep inside feeling you're destroying all God wants to bless. 

Does this sound familiar? Are you hearing the same thoughts about marriage and life? Are you unfulfilled in your marriage and your bedroom but want things to be blissful and abundant? 

Well, you are in the right place! I am going to take you through my steps of complete change!

The sex I once did in sin, that turned into a guilty chore in marriage, has now become blessed, holy, ENJOYED, and spiced! The husband I use to try and correct and control, I now happily submit to and deeply honor after going through a process of major transformation!!


I am here to tell you that sex and marriage CAN be redeemed just as anything else can! You can't change your past, but you can start right now and change the rest of your life! I am now confidently HOLY and SPICED and you can be too!


I am Ashlyn and I have dedicated my life's purpose to helping wives, like you, go from the worst mindset and sexual discomfort to regaining passion within their bedrooms, and even improving the health of their marriage at the same time. I equip wives with the knowledge to design the most fulfilling, passionate, and effortless marriage and sexuality they can imagine.


If you want to learn more about how you can begin reviving your marriage and bedroom too sign up for one of my programs and begin the best investment of your life!



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