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You Are About To Discover The Solution To The Single Biggest Mistake That Unhappy Wives Make...

Ashlyn R. Watkins Presents



Discover the little-known secret for producing the results your marriage has been searching for...

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Dare to imagine the marriage of your dreams, then challenge yourself to turn it into your reality.

WHEN: 5 Days

You will have a grace period of 10 days to complete this 5-day challenge.


Leveled up to cultivate abundance, joy, and fulfillment in your marriage by the end of class.


Marriages between a biological man and biological woman who have been married any amount of years.

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If your marriage is dehydrated, your life will be dehydrated! You can't have a thriving life with a draining marriage. Marriage is kingdom, put it first and everything else will be added to you!

- Ashlyn R. Watkins

Become the Gift!

A wife is a gift, crown, and favor to her husband. Apply the challenge and see how your husband will feel that way towards you!

You may have a lot of reasons and facts behind why your marriage is upside down, but with the right attitude, facts don't matter! It does not matter what happened, your marriage CAN be saved if you're willing to fight back the right way. The one secret to a revived marriage is to step into YOUR created purpose! I have 4 steps to help you do it!

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5 Day Layout + Bonus

This is a challenge, so be ready to lay your flesh down. You will be challenged! You will be given action steps to complete each day because only actions produce results! 



Become a gift to your marriage. The biggest mistake a wife can make is not thriving in her purpose! When you stop focusing on him, and start reviving you, abundance is unlocked



If you feel like you're doing it all and you're drained, it's because you are out of alignment. Learn to submit without the "doormat" syndrome. 



The #1 cause of division, despair, and divorce is the inability to communicate! Learn how to speak respectfully to each other so that you will be unified and will level up in life!


Sexual Confidence

Your husband needs sex. You need sex. You may not think that way or feel comfortable with that, but you will be spiced after this week!



Most likely it's hard for you to let him lead because you don't trust his lead. You are not confident in his decisions. Learn to take better risks and improve marriage security.


Surprise Bonus

A free extra is always appropriate! Join the challenge and step into the marriage you have been waiting for!

Retreat Session

Challenges Produce 

Learn to Take Your Marriage from Pain to Prosperity!  

Imagine waking up every day to the man you married feeling satisfied, cherished, happy, valued, and secure!


Imagine having the marriage of your needs and desires with your husband, instead of the up and down rollercoaster of unfulfillment and feeling like roommates.


God made it clear that divorce leads to overwhelming cruelty. So do ALL you can to revive and restore your marriage instead!  


No more lost time on misery, wondering if life would just be better if you were single or with another man. 
No more lost time on teary nights because you and your husband feel like roommates and can't peacefully resolve conflict!
No more lost time on small disagreement turning into explosive arguments!
No more lost time on feeling awkward, insecure, or uninterested in sex!
No more lost time on your husband not stepping to the plate leaving you to be the responsible one...

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Anytime you think or say, "I can't..." or "I don't have..." what you are really saying is,
"This pain is not important enough to figure out how to heal." 
Your words then produce a life of no dreams becoming reality. Without intentional actions, your desires are only wishes.

- Ashlyn R. Watkins


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5 Days of Transformation!

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  • 5 Days of Training with Ashlyn R. Watkins, expert of revived marriages!

  • Bonus: Created to be His Help Meet Training*

  • ​Bonus: Receiving Security to Trust Your Husband Bonus Training*

  • Bonus: Active Listening Bonus Guide*

  • Bonus: Emotional Stages of Change Training*

Marriage Is an Image of Gods Kingdom. Revive your Marriage and Everything in Life Will Fall Into Place

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