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Wife Revival

A marriage counseling program for the WIFE!

  • Learn how to trust your husband's leadership and be the wife God wants you to be.
  • Are you more dominate and your husband more passive? Learn how to be strong yet enjoy being submissive.
  • Self-paced counseling program with over 20 life-changing lessons, to help you stop living like roomates!
  • Learn how to have difficult conversations with your husband, improve your communication skills.
  • Learn to transform your mindset to change your life and marriage.
  • If you or your husband wants to give up, following this program can turn things around!
  • Improve sexual confidence and desire. 

Imagine waking up every day to the man you married feeling satisfied, cherished, wanted, and secure! Imagine having the marriage of your needs and desires with your husband, instead of the up and down rollercoaster of unfulfillment and feeling like roommates. Instead of entertaining the thoughts that it would be better if the marriage would just end. This program will get you to that reality!

Program Layout Preview

This wife revival program is an elite 12-month program, providing 52 lessons (1 per week) leading you through a 7-step process for saving you from the pain of divorce and private misery of unhappiness.


Spiced Wife services have proven to be the most effective way to restore your marriage, without requiring your husband's participation. 


Not only are the sessions self-directed allowing you to grow at your own pace, but the live group coaching Zoom calls also give you the ability to ask questions while gaining motivation, accountability, support, and strength!


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Do you believe in following Biblical guidence?
Are you willing to invest time, effort, and finances into preventing divorce and eliminating long nights of tears from an unfulfilling marriage?
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