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Wife Identity


This is the second annual retreat with a slight conference vibe, that is focused on teaching wives how to connect to God deeper and enjoy the bedroom better! Experience intimate unrushed worship, sessions with open discussions and questions, perspective-changing workshops and so much more! Each wife will leave this weekend feeling spiritually refreshed and sexually confident!



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About  the Retreat

Wives need to know they CAN learn how to enjoy sex with their husbands! Church lovingly provides so many great things, but tips on enjoying the bedroom have not yet made the list. So, Spiced Wife is making a change to that! God created sex for us, His people; Therefore, at the Spiced Wife retreat we stop feeling uncomfortable about it and come together to enhance our spice!


At this retreat, we leave all titles at home and we come to a place of complete withdrawal so we can surrender to God. There is no competition, no drama, no gossip, no negativity what so ever. We come together to build each other up and share our stories and lose all pride or shame. In one half of the retreat, we focus on growing our faith and learning how to get daily time alone with God. 


We learn how to know God as an individual without needing anyone's validation or approval for it. We feel complete freedom to cry, pray, lay before Jesus' feet all over the room, and surrender at the altar. We learn how to be in a room full of people but feel as if it's only you and God. There is no condemnation or judgment here, we talk through our mistakes, share our struggles and learn to rededicate our thinking to God. 


The second half of the retreat is dedicated to growing our spice with sessions about sex and confidence. We hear from professional sex and marriage therapists as well as from fellow wives to learn tips on how to be comfortable with our sexiness, our needs, and our roles. When you leave this retreat you will go home a new wife! Not only a new wife in God but a new wife in the bedroom too! This is the perfect combination of retreat and conference that you will not want to miss! 



No dress code! Makeup and outfits won't break these chains off your marriage. Your surrendering to God will. So girl, be comfortable!


We will be covering VERY mature topics. There will be zero discussion filters. There will also be no child care room or services. Make it a weekend get away!



If you’re a wife, you need to get SPICED sis (@spicedwife )! @ashlynrwatkins this weekend was BEYOND AMAZING! Thank you sooooo much for being obedient to God and doing this retreat it has been such a blessing, and has truly renewed my mind. Shout out to all my phenomenal #spicedsisters I met this weekend. 


The last 4 days owe me absolutely nothing!!! Last year @slim_day told me about a podcast she was listening to and told me I should tune in. The rest is HISTORY! If you are a wife, you should be listening to @spicedwife podcast, it will bless your entire life. When Ashlyn announced she was having a retreat, I knew we had to go, no matter where it was. Fast forward to this weekend, I’m not sure I really knew what to expect coming into this. When I tell you, I came to San Diego HEAVY with all types of personal issues just sitting on my shoulders. The first night was full of worship and release. From Friday night until now I feel like a new person. God showed up, His presence was in the room and with us the ENTIRE time. Relationships were restored, hearts were mended, confirmations from the Lord were given. God heard us and HE moved in a mighty way. Ashlyn, thank you for not giving up on this vision and being obedient to see it all the way through. Girl, you are amazing and the work God is doing in and through you is changing the lives of not just you, but everyone connected to you. I cannot wait to see all that will come from @spicedwife !! I’m thankful for new friendships that were created this weekend. God is so good! Ladies, y’all better listen to the podcast and get to the retreat next year! You will not regret it.

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