COMING SUMMER 2021! This is a self-paced 5-week guide designed to give an affordable addition to marriage counseling. Biblical therapy and counseling is a source that God allows and we support. This guide is not meant to replace that, but to compliment it. 


This guide provides:

  • 6 accompanying videos in the Spiced Wife moblie app.
  • 30 lessons with activities, challenges, text resources, and deep inner healing tools.
  • Detailed tips and steps towards sexual growth God's way.
  • Biblically centered exercises.
  • Lessons focused on the Gospel and relationship with God, not religion.
  • Activities to do alone, with your husband/husband-to-be, or close friends.
  • Much more!


Through the power of the Holy Spirit, this Spiced Guide will change your entire marriage perspective and help your marriage to start off right. This guide is PACKED with wisdom in true Spiced Wife fashion! And although there is a lot of material covered in each section, the flow of the guide is so compassionate. 


You are not pressured to rush through each week but instead, you are encouraged to sit with each lesson for a while to grow deeper roots at the pace of God's grace. This guide is beyond worth the investment!


Use code: PREORDER to get free shipping on the launch date, coming Summer 2021!

New Wife Guide