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Where is your confidence?

The devil will try to use anyone he can to knock down your confidence. And a sign that you know his tools are working is when you feel easily offended at anything. Offence is his easiest key used to unlock the door of your mind and heart. Once you are offended, you are no longer guarded and the attacks on your mind, become easy!

It's time to fight back by building your confidence!

When you know who you, it's hard to be moved out of your lane! When you know who you are, you don't waste time on opinions made by people who don't even know themselves. You have no energy to prove yourself to anybody because you already know God is the ONLY one who can close and open doors for you!

People come and people go, GOD is the only One who remains forever. Focus on pleasing HIM and that's how you grow confidence!

When you are confident in Gods calling and purpose for you, you will stop taking a loss for someone else's lack. You'll stop losing your peace all because they lack obedience. You'll stop lowering your prices all because they lack budgeting. You'll stop watering the truth all because they lack a desire to grow. You'll stop losing your focus and goals all because they lack faith in changing their life. STOP BEING SO CONSUMED WITH PEOPLE.

It's one thing to be a loving, serving, giving person, it's another thing to be ran over and lose yourself by letting others devalue you. We are to love others as we love ourselves... would you disrespect your time? Would you disqualify your skills and disrupt your growth? So why do you allow others to do that to you? If they don't like you, then do like Jesus and KEEP IT MOVING! You have a call on your life to fulfill!!


So where does this confidence fit in with being a wife?

Well, before you can become your most confident self you need to start with your confidence as a wife. Who does God want you to be as a wife? What did God design a wife to be and where are you meeting up to those standards? Do you know that while God gives the frame, He allows you to fill in the picture. He allows you to enjoy the personality He gave you while remaining obedient to His ways.

Following God's design is not stiff and boring, it is enjoyable and secure.

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