Have you ever...

wanted to grow in your sexuality and relationship with God at the same time?

There is a huge taboo when it comes to talking about sex in a church setting, and I don't mean just discussing the birds and the bees. I mean having a transparent, fun, and encouraging conversation about increasing your sexual confidence and learning how to "drop it like it's hot" for your husband. 

We have lessons in church about everything, from speaking in tongues to building a business, but there are no classes on how to have and enjoy sex! If we need to be taught everything else in life, why aren't we being taught this? There seems to be this myth that something like this is "inappropriate" for church and this is why so many believers are secretly tip-toeing to the world for help. We have been told what NOT to do when it comes to sex, but there is no one to tell us how or what we CAN do. Our bedrooms are left in the hands of trial and error and marriages are privately suffering because of it. We are holy wives who have undeniable sexual needs and no matter your title or reputation, you need to know how to happily take care of the bedroom God's way.


This private membership community is here to make a much-needed change! For the wives who want to know the power of letting God control their bedrooms instead of worldly or legalistic opinions, you are in the right place! Here, we learn how to remain completely submitted to God even in having out-of-this-world amazing sex with our husbands! In this community and on the podcast, you will find classy, spiced tips, and answers to ANY sex questions. There is no condemnation, no slandering, no judgment, no gossip, and no shame.  

Or have you ever...

wanted to connect with women who want to go deeper and be more?

When God is calling you to greater levels you will begin to realize your old circle is no longer suitable. When you have been deepening your relationship with God, changing your perspective, and stepping into obedience you will start to walk, talk, and think differently. They (family & friends), may have a hard time understanding your change. Some may unfortunately mock and slander you, saying you are acting "too good for anyone now." This hurts; however, you do not hold a grudge or bitterness, you simply keep moving because you are focused on reaching MORE! 

Maybe you feel church on Sunday alone is no longer enough, you want a daily relationship and connection with God. Do you feel stuck in unexplained traditions, dead-end jobs, debt, and emptiness?  It is time to make a shift! Today is the day for you to get around like-minded wives so you can stay motivated, get feedback, and learn from others who have broken through the mold! This is the community for you! 

This is a community of wives who don't have time to talk about others because they are too focused on talking about Jesus. Here you will be encouraged and inspired to discover your calling and move boldly in obedience. You will be inspired to give your all to God, and stay focused on living in His promises! Most importantly you will find Biblical truth. You will be able to laugh, talk, and enjoy the good kind of tea... the kind that exfoliates your soul, not the kind that gets you into drama! 

What can you expect?

What you pour in will be given back to you!

  • Access to premium protected content unseen by the public

  • Ability to create and manage your own personal profile

  • Focused encouragement that gives you accountability

    • Featuring lessons on sexuality & spirituality 

    • Monthly Bible studies & Prayer

    • Daily discussions

    • Fasting and meditation

    • Occasional video lessons

  • Spiritual​ & Personal Growth

    • No competition​, drama, gossip, judgment, or performance

    • Iron sharpening Iron (Prov. 27:17)

    • Genuine friendship & sisterhood (Prov. 18:24)

    • Learning to walk boldly for God and overcoming people-pleasing (Gala. 1:10)

    • Practical tools and strategies to improve your bedroom, marriage, and life

  • Group Discussions and Resources on:

    • Sex & Sexual confidence

    • Cooking

    • Pregnancy ​& Parenting

    • Business & Personal Finances

    • Fitness & Wellness

    • and much more!


I just wanted to post a special moment that happened in our marriage that I hope will encourage other wives. I listened to the podcast episode discussing shooting up a super quick prayer at the moment of our spouse having their orgasm (Episode 66). My husband listened to that whole episode with me the other night and he took it to heart much more than I thought. This morning after a lovely start to our Monday morning he came downstairs and asked if I remembered to pray in that moment. I couldn’t BELIEVE he remembered and I forgot.

But let me tell you something, I felt a shift in our marriage this morning. After 10 years, two babies, deployments, and some heavy life stuff, this morning he honored me in a brand new way and we never would have thought or known to do such a thing!! No idea what he prayed for. We didn’t discuss in depth. I’ll let that be for him and God for now. but seriously, y’all try it! Supernatural shifting!

I just wanted to send a huge praise to God for leading you Ashlyn Watkins in creating Spiced Wife and for helping marriages to seek God first and in ALLLLLLL things. Thank you!

—  Mrs. H.B.