Being prepared for a wedding does not equal being prepared for marriage. Research shows 76% of married couples wish they had gone through pre-marriage mentoring and 41% of divorced couples say their failed marriage was due to a lack of pre and post-marriage preparation and maintenance. You can get on the better end of these numbers TODAY! I am here to guide you through it!

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Marriage Maintenance Program

Ashlyn R. Watkins has a Bachelor's Degree in psychology, a Master's Certificate in Christian Counseling, and Professional Certification in Marriage Mentoring. Most importantly of all, she is deeply surrendered to the Holy Spirit who guides her in all success. In combining her Spirit-led knowledge and wisdom, Ashlyn leads married and pre-married couples through an extensive one-on-one 8-12 week maintenance program to help their marriage thrive. This is a virtual program where couples meet once a week via secured video conferencing with Ashlyn. With your best effort and God leading the way, we are confident that your relationship will be edified and refined for a life-long marriage!  




How Does the Program Work?

Each spouse will take their own 35-minute marriage aptitude assessment that will produce a 15-page report measuring everything from psychological wellbeing to how their combined personalities can be leveraged for future marriage success. This state-of-the-art program is purchased by qualified counselors, therapists, and mentors who are trained and certified to facilitate it. Ashlyn has received placement on this list, affording her the skill to interpret the red flags and lower the couple's risk factors as well as optimize their strengths, to improve marriage momentum. This assessment is highly effective and has been proven to have 94% accuracy among the 3,600 couples used during the research and development phase. Once the couple is approved to begin sessions, they will each receive a welcome email with instructions, followed by an invitation to take their assessment individually. The Marriage Maintenance Program will last 10-12 weeks and is crafted to fit the results of their report and marriage needs. Each session starts with prayer, ends with prayer, and succeeds through prayer! Couples will not be overloaded with resources but given just the right tools, practices, and edification to see change. Ashlyn leads each couple into Biblical honesty, accountablilty, truth, repentence, and forgiveness, so that each couple has lasting results.


What Is Included in the Report?

There are 7 domains broken down into many subdomains: Momentum, Wellbeing, Personality, Finances, Spirituality, Family Contributions, Communication, and much much more. The first goal of this report is to obtain a clear picture of your personal and relational momentum for marriage. We will also be gaining new insights into your personalities and how they work together. The third goal is to learn new skills to strengthen your relationship for lifelong love through Jesus Christ. You will be given a copy of your report one domain at a time once that particular session is completed. You will also be given Scriptures to meditate on during the following week to apply what you are learning about yourself and your spouse. 


Are 12 weeks too long? Do you need quicker?

Other options:

  • 4 - 8 week session. The bulk of the time is given to the major topics, with a brief overview given to lesser concerns. Sessions are unrushed and solution-oriented, you will leave each session revived and hopeful.

  • Sessions as needed. If you are not interested in the program but just need marriage intervention, mentorship, or counseling Ashlyn provides that as well. Each session is up to 2 hours long, the length depends on the depth of the concern and the flow of healing. Ashlyn seeks to maximize our sessions without the fluff. We get right to the core of the issues and seek solutions and goals that can be applied right away. 


Marriage Maintenance Program Pricing 

Counseling in this country is at an all-time hourly high of about $275-$330 an hour! This can be hard to pay for the average home, so we want to help you with both quality and affordability, less than these fees! If you are serious about seeing the transformation needed in your marriage and putting forth your best efforts, then Ashlyn is here to help you! Complete the form below to begin. See Terms and Conditions for cancelation policy.

Spots are limited. 


Marriage is Hard Work. So, Let's Do The Work, Together!

The worst decision is no decision. You can get farther with a try than you ever will with a regret. Invest in your marriage today and get one step closer to the best decision towards the other side of "I Do!"