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Marriage Program
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If you change YOU everything else will fall into place. Give your husband to God, focus on restoring you to be prepared for what you've been praying for.

Apply to be enrolled in this transformative coaching program proven to deliver permanent & life-changing results in your marriage.

Are you struggling in your relationship, but don't even know where or how to start turning things around?

You have found your answer!

Click the button below to learn about this proven program & learn the most important steps you need to take to start rebuilding your marriage!

Monthly Investment



Month to month access of this life changing program!

  • 2 group coaching calls a month.

  • Weekly lessons and engagement.

  • Personal help with your marriage roadblocks.

  • Compared at the rate of counseling, which is $250 per hour!


**Special limited-time pricing!**

One-Time Investment



One-time yearly payment access of this life changing program!

Plus, bonuses!

  • 2 group coaching calls a month.

  • Weekly lessons and engagement.

  • Personal help with your marriage roadblocks.

  • 4, one-hour personal coaching sessions (one-on-one) with Ashlyn.

  • FREE admission to the Spiced Wife Retreat.

  • Financing available


The Impatient Wife

No one plants a seed at night and then wakes up to a tree the next morning. Durable and long-lasting things take time, consistency, and endurance. True transformation is not a quick fix, fast-food service. If you follow this program and diligently seek to do good towards yourself and your husband, you WILL have a restored marriage if you don't faint & grow weary. 

The Closed-Minded Wife

If you know it all and believe your way is right then there is nothing to tell you. If I pour tea into a cup that is already full, the tea will overflow onto the ground and be wasted. In this program the tea is time. We do not want you to waste your time or money because you have not emptied yourself to receive. You must be willing to let go of all you know and desire to grow.

The Unwilling Wife

Actions speak louder than words. This program only works if you do. Stubbornness, blaming your husband, and laziness will not advance your life. This is a life-changing investment that will work if you are willing to sacrifice your time, effort, and resources. I give 100% focus to getting you from zero to hero, but I will not outwork you. YOU have to want this.


The Determined Wife

There is an R&B song lyric that says "when a woman's fed up, it ain't nothing you can do about it"... The best transformation starts when you are completely fed up with the arguments, silent treatments, violent communication, and feeling like roommates instead of husband and wife. When you are willing to do anything to revive your marriage, including focusing on the log in your eye and letting go of the speck in his, then you're ready to step into restoration. 

The Willing Wife

The best results are seen in the wife who is willing to carry her cross and follow Jesus. That means, you lay down demanding what's fair, you stop trying to prove your point, you listen more than you speak, you forgive without conditions, and you love without expectations. This requires deeper maturity, stability, and confidence that I will walk you through if you're willing to be bold enough to go against the grain and sometimes be misunderstood to be restored. 

The Honest Wife

It's easy to tell people about themselves, but are you able to take in what you're putting out? This is for the wife who is ready to face what she may have been ignoring about herself. Wearing a mask will cure nothing, being exposed to your own unhealthy habits, will build your immune system. To build strength you must face the pressure of your own history, family, decisions, weakness, and insecurities. This is not done in shame, but in safety, & compassion, if you are willing.


Marriage Restoration Bootcamp

It has been a known fact all throughout history that the wife has major influence over the success of her marriage. This restoration bootcamp is an extensive program proven to shift your conduct to save your marriage! You can change your marriage all on your own! God will use your change to change your husband. Focus on YOU and see!

When YOU transform, your marriage will transform. Save your marriage!

This program is laser focused on restoring your mindset, heartset, soulset, and healthset. Perfect formula for a complete marriage reset!


Talk to you soon!

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