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(Previously known as "Inner Circle")

Imagine waking up every day to the man you married feeling satisfied, cherished, wanted, and secure! Imagine having the marriage of your needs and desires with your husband, instead of the up and down rollercoaster of unfulfillment and feeling like roommates. Instead of entertaining the thoughts that it would be better if the marriage would just end.  

You're a strong-willed wife of faith, in a marriage where the husband is not leading as you know he should. Your personalities are different, your pursuit of God and life are different. You want him to suggest a Scripture or pray with you, but it only turns into a fight. You want sex to be mind-blowing and bring you closer, but you seem to be living like roommates instead.

You often find yourself confused at how you're not thriving in the one thing you wanted so much: marriage! You should be having a marriage that fulfills you, not leaves you empty. The question do you get that? How do you help your husband change and save your marriage?


That is where I can help you!

Take your marriage from draining to thriving!

The Spiced Wife Inner Circle is a marriage revival coaching program that provides you with the tools, steps, and practices needed to renew your mindset and overall marriage abundance. Each week you will learn how to help your husband become a Godly leader without him getting defensive. You will build the security and capability of being a strong, yet gentle submissive wife. You will build solid foundations to support your marriage through building bulletproof respect towards your husband that is genuine and impactful. We'll dive DEEP into your transformation as a wife to guide you on your journey of reviving your marriage that may be on the edge of emptiness.

Meet Your Phenomenal Coach!

Hey! I'm Ashlyn R. Watkins! I was once the culturally praised "strong independent woman." I got a great job at age 19, I purchased my own home at age 22, graduated college, and was calling my own shots. This worked out great for me until I said, "I do."

My marriage was far from the fairytale I imagined, and I faithfully blamed my husband for it when in reality, I was anti-submissive, controlling, dominate, bossy, and never satisfied! No, he wasn't doing everything right either, but the blame game wasn't working. It was only leading us towards many miserable months and threats of divorce. But God so gracefully sat me in front of a mirror to do much self-evaluation and inner renovation.

I studied both Bibilcal and psychological principles and applying them changed my entire life.  I applied key principles to my thinking and behavior, and it rocked my world! Today, my marriage is the most fulfilling it has ever been! 

My husband was able to step up when I finally stepped down. My bedroom became all God created it to be, my husband began to speak my love language, my marriage was saved from divorce, I learned submission wasn't weakness, and we even began to step into several areas of abundance!

Now, in my coaching firm I am blessed to pour into wives all over the world, teaching them the same steps and more so that their marriages can become more fulfilled too!



Here is what's included in the program:


  • Mastery lesson & Application tasks

  • Assistance with your posted questions and personal concerns

  • Guided focus on deep inner transformation


  • Live coaching calls with Ashlyn R. Watkins

  • Accountability Check-Ins

  • Pop-Up bonus coaching and guest sessions


  • Community of like-minded wives pursuing the same goal

  • Access to all content until you cancel your subscription at anytime

  • Discounted rate to the Spiced Wife Retreat

This program is not for you if

  1. You want to blame everyone else (including your husband) for why you're not happy, or why you're not where you want to be in life.

  2.  You find the negative in every positive and the problem for every solution.

  3. You are closed minded and think only you and your pastor are right about everything and how it should all be done.

  4. You're not serious about self-improvement, but you just want a quick fix, fast-food advice. 

  5. You're not willing to face the challenge and hard work of inner change and mindset improvements. You just want to complain and vent. 


This program is for you if:

  1. You're tired of the draining ways of life and marriage and ready for daily abundance at home. 

  2. You are motivated and driven to take accountability in what needs to improve in yourself. You've got "skin in the game" and ready to do whatever it takes!

  3. You're teachable and devoted to accepting truth that will set you free.

  4. You're ready to take action and jump into empowering yourself as a learning leader. 

  5. You truly want to see your marriage revived and you're not looking for a quick fix but instead permanent changes that last a lifetime. 

Coaching Benefits


Reduced fights with your husband.

More overall satisfaction in your marriage.

Increasing your respect of your husband.
Becoming more submissive without feeling devalued.

Emotional stability and revived communication.

Restore the fun and joy back into your marriage.
Happier, fulfilled marriage with confident sexuality.

Improved balance of life and marriage and better personal and spiritual disciplines.
  • Go from feeling like roommates to soulmates

  • Revive the fun and friendship

  • Eliminate not having proper balance between your many tasks and your husband

  • Be able to talk about hard topics without violent and aggressive communication. 

  • Feel valued, loved, and honored by your husband

  • Have inner peace and satisfaction no matter what goes wrong

  • Build strong walls of trust around your husbands' leadership

  • Witness an intimate relationship with God and your husband that eliminates the pressures of religious performance and obligation

  • Destroy the addictions of cell-phone dependence that steals the power of presence in the moment

  •  Build confidence to be uniquely you, instead of who others expect you to be, all while reflecting Jesus

  • Experience sexual passion and desire!

Program Layout Preview

This wife revival coaching program leads you through a 7-step process for saving you from the pain of divorce and private misery of unhappiness.


Spiced Wife services have proven to be the most effective way to restore your marriage, without requiring your husband's participation. 


Not only are the lessons self-directed allowing you to control your pace, but the live group coaching calls also give you the ability to ask questions and maintain motivation, accountability, support, and clarity.


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